We help individuals take the necessary steps to eliminate or block public access to records held by the Courts and or law-enforcement relating to arrests and criminal charges. When an individual is arrested, most jurisdictions create and maintain records relating to the incident and many such records are publicly accessible through online websites.  Some states and the District of Columbia allow individuals who have been arrested to apply for certain records, under established circumstances, to be sealed and thus blocked from public view, or in other cases to be destroyed.  Given that many employers check criminal records of all applicants, it is important for many people to take steps to block access to such records whenever possible.

The options available to any individual for sealing or expunging any arrest, or in some cases convictions, may depend upon the circumstances of each case and the totality of each individual’s' record.  If you are interested in obtaining assistance in seeking the sealing or expungement of a criminal record, call 202.628.1300 for a consultation.