The central goal of Gardner Law PLLC is to provide the highest quality representation for clients in a manner that is respectful, attentive, and thorough.  We represent clients in matters ranging from allegations of misdemeanor violations, including DUI, to serious felony criminal offenses.   What sets us apart?  A reputation for hard-work, zealous advocacy, and quality litigation skills, while sincerely caring about clients.


Attorney Grey Gardner has had significant experience in handling a wide range of cases, from serious felony offenses to misdemeanor and traffic infractions - including DUI and DWI cases, parole revocation proceedings, and juvenile matters.  Mr. Gardner has represented hundreds of individuals facing criminal and parole revocation charges through all phases of litigation.


We are committed to serving clients by providing the high-quality, client-centered representation in all aspects of case analysis, client counseling, negotiation and litigation.  We fight one-hundred percent for our clients' rights, regardless of the allegations or circumstances of the case.  Every client deserves to have a lawyer who believes in them and their case, and we take pride in standing with our clients.  We treat you and your case as we would that of a family member or friend.


Mr. Gardner has a reputation as a strong-willed and persistent advocate for clients.  He spent much of his career working for indigent clients at the Public Defender Service and does this work because he believes in challenging the government, protecting individual rights, and helping people in their most vulnerable situations.  Those beliefs translate into zealous representation in every case.


We work as a team with clients, which means that we remain accessible and communicative throughout the case.  Sometimes circumstances may seem overwhelming to a person who finds themselves accused of a crime.  We understand the strain this can put on an individual and families, and we take the time necessary to explain the legal issues and help clients make the often difficult decisions that they must make during the representation.

Individualized Case Solutions:

Every case presents unique circumstances and every client has individualized needs, backgrounds, and perspectives.  Whether through trial, negotiation, thorough investigation, or other means, we  seek to obtain the best outcome under the specific circumstances of each client's case by thinking outside of the box and looking for the most effective solutions.